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Prior to the summer of 2005, sinh hoat at Our Lady of LaVang was conducted by Huynh Truong LaVang between Giao Ly and Viet Ngu.  Huynh Truong LaVang was an independent Huynh Truong group based on TNTT Viet Nam.  That school year (2004-2005) under the guidance of Cha Joseph Vu Hai Dang, with the help ofBan Thuong Vu Mien, and current HT TNTT VN/HK, interest in creating a chapter of TNTT VN HK at GX LaVang was brought to the attention Cha Ninh the pastor. 

That summer for Huynh Truong camp, Ban Thuong Vu Mien Tay Bac (BTV MTB) was invited to help with sinh hoat as an introduction to TNTT.  Afterwards, an official proposal was submitted to Cha Chanh Xu and Hoi Dong Giao Xu to disband Huynh Truong LaVang and officially start Doan Thieu Nhi Thanh The Thanh Tam.

The transitioning event from Huynh Truong LaVang to Thanh Tam was Trung Thu of 2005.  From there old and new Huynh Truong were recruited to join Doan Thanh Tam. The first batch of Du Truong was trained that month prior to the start of sinh hoat in September; they were subsequently promoted and received their pink scarfs along with Doan Sinh during Le Ra Mat - Le Kito Vua.

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