Au Nhi – Ngoan

Current Number : 31 Au Nhi

The seedling group is made up of children between the ages of 7-9 year old. The green on their scarf represents a young tree or plant and it symbolizes their innocence and youthfulness. These children are like young plants that need lots of nurture and care to grow. The seedling motto is obedient, they learn and practice obedience by praising God for all blessings, obeying their parents and teachers, helping, and loving others. Singing and dancing is what these children do best to connect closer to God. Since they are always energetic, crazy, and spontaneous, the best way for them to learn is by playing. As youth leaders we teach them the word of the Lord by incorporating games and activities into our lessons.

Tr. John Hoang - Nganh Truong


Au Nhi Ca

Đoàn em như những mầm mạ non xanh tươi,
Luôn vui cười luôn ngoan ngoãn sống đời Ấu Nhi.
Nguyện bền chí theo gương Chúa Giêsu tuổi thơ,
Dưới bóng cờ, em mang Chúa cho tuổi Ấu thơ.