We will be starting TNTT on September, 11th at 12:15pm to 3:00pm!
Make sure you come!

If you haven't registered, it is not too late! Huynh Truong will be stationed after 9am and 11am Mass on Sundays. We hope to see you this year at TNTT!

Check out our website for more information!!
May God bless your family and the rest of your summer!

A Day with the Nuns for High School Students

A Day with the Nuns for High School Students 
The Sisters Adorers of the Holy Cross are offering a special day for those high school students who may be thinking of becoming a religious sister.
Saturday, August 20th, 2016  8:00 am - 5:00 pm
7437 SE Alder Street
Portland, Oregon 97215
It will include a day meeting with other students like yourself, private and communal prayers, a vocation presentation, opportunity for meeting with the nuns and learn about the religious vocation. 
Even if you have just given it a thought at some point you owe it to God, others, and yourself a chance to find out if this is what Christ is calling you to consider. 
For more information please contact:
Sr. Marie-Pauline BichLieu Nguyen, MTG